Ever see an image similar to the one on the left and get excited when you recognize one of the many images? You’re feeling really good if you can recognize two of them. Three of them and you’re on top of the world.

There are numerous social media sites and applications. This is why I am going to start another series…I like series-i. (plural for series?) =) In addition to telling you about the site/place/platform/application…I’m going to sign-up, use the app for a couple of weeks and offer a reflection on my thoughts and experience.

Today, let’s learn some more about Digg.

Name: Digg

About: In 2004, Kevin Rose started Digg, a social media site where users can find and share content from anywhere on the web from news articles, blog posts, podcasts, images and videos. All the content is submitted and voted upon by users. The higher the number of ‘diggs’ the more popular and valued the content is valued by digg’s users. Today, Digg has over 500,000 users and 8.5 unique visitors.

Use: If content receives enough ‘diggs,’ then it is moved to Digg’s front page. Digg also enables one to comment and give shouts about content. There are currently 7 categories a user can submit content to: technology, science, world & business, sports, videos, entertainment, and gaming. Digg also has a Digg Lab, similar to the Google Labs concept, in that it offers new tools and a deeper view of Digg.

Demographics: This article offers a nice visual representation of Digg’s dems. Some say Digg is in trouble and others say Digg is the next big company to get bought up. Some say it’s demographics are too narrow. Others say that its large male-base of followers will perpetuate Digg’s growth. I’m just here telling you what Digg is.

My Vote: I give Digg 4 out of 5 wings.


  • Good: I like using digg the more I, well, use it…which is usually typical when I begin using any type of social media. Unlike some social bookmarking sites, Digg lets me get feedback and hear more from peers about the type of content I submit to it. And, I get to see/read what peers find interesting which helps me find new and interesting content.
  • Bad: Call me a novice, but it’s a little too complicated. With all the social networks out there, I feel like it’s trying to be too much and isn’t focusing on what it’s really good at – users submitting and rating content. Also, a big kicker, is that I asked for my age to be private on Digg, and despite me checking the box for my age not to be shown, it continues to be shown. Hmm. This is a big turn-off for me.

Social Marketing and Digg:

  • Numerous social marketing and nonprofit stories are submitted to Digg everyday.
  1. One way to further the movement, submit more of these types of stories.
  2. Digg more of these types of stories.
  3. Contact/Email digg and ask them to add a nonprofit, charity, philanthropy, community or social good category.

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