This week’s quote encourages us to break habits (our habits) to change the world. It’s poignant, direct and action oriented. Coming from Franke James, author of “The Real Poop on Social Change” and active changeblogger:

As social marketeers, we are often focused on working to change others’ behavior. But, when we look in our own mirror, what behaviors do we as individuals need to change to live healthier lives–and build healthier communities?

James talks about how she broke her 30-year habit: ending the subscription to new newspapers. Why? Because it got to a point where she was recycling 13 newspapers a week–and she was tired of it and thought there had to be a better way. Thus, she entered the world of being an online news reader–and created a new habit.

From changing her habits, James identified six benefits–from reducing waste to saving money. These benefits inspired her to find more ways to make changes. So, now, it’s your turn: What habits could you change to help the world? (Or, what new ones could you form to make a difference?)