This is my sixth post in the seven-day question to now raise $2200 to provide not just 7 roofs, but roofs for all 14 Guatemalan families. In these seven days, I’m posting updates, answering your questions and sharing insights gained. So far, we’ve raised $1590–only $610 more to go!

The fundraising drive ends today at 12pm EST. Please consider donating. Spread the word.

Let’s work it out. This morning, If we reach the following milestones, will you join me in the following? If you do, let me know in the comments or tweet your status and add the hashtag #loveroofs.

$1600:  Do 14 push-ups.

$1650:  Do 14 sit-ups.

$1700:  Do 14 lunges–on each leg!

$1800:  Do 3 sets of 14 jumping jacks.

$1925:  Do 3 sets of 14 squats.

$2000:  Do another set of 14 push-ups and 14 sit-ups.

$2200:  Take a 14 minute walk or run!

What do you say? Can we raise $610 dollars AND get a workout in the process? Let’s do it. You in? You might want to do a warm up–it’s going to be a big day!

flickr credit: ~ggvic~