Welcome to the Carnival. The theme for this week was “Give Thanks!” by taking a moment and sharing the tools, resources, mentors, etc. that you appreciate.

  • UPDATE: Guy Kawasaki just posted on “10 Tiny Apps I’m Thankful For.” In this post, Kawasaki writes about 10 lesser-known Web applications that he uses almost every day including Adjix, MarsEdit, SmartyPants, and others! Kawasaki says these applications help his productivity. What’s your experience? Have they increased your individual productivity or that of your non-profit or organization?
  • UPDATE: Jocelyn Harmon at Marketing for Non-Profits shares the “3 Things I’m Thankful For” in her latest post. I appreciate how Harmon brings us back to the basics and what really matters in life: friends, family, freedom, community and good health. I’ll cheers to that Jocelyn!
  • UPDATE: Chris Brogan, on Thanksgiving, cleverly finds a way to tie Batman into the day of Thanksgiving while also giving a shout to numerous friends, colleagues and talent. Most interesting I thought, was Brogan’s shoutout to “The Next Generation.” Being one of those people, thank you….for paving the road and making more opportunities possible. Happy paving in the new year!
  • Avi Kaplan wrote a wonderful thank you to Stacey Monk for her mentorship and for the hard work she is accomplishing through Epic Change. To those not familiar with Monk’s work, I too will vouch for not only her hard work, but for her genuine passion and firm conviction in Epic Change’s mission. Monk is definitely, as Avi says, a true inspiration to our sector.
  • Steve Cunningham took time to offer a personal note thanking both his life and business mentors. Steve also made a point to refer to these mentors as heroes, a label I think well-deserved. For often, being a mentor takes extra time, a longer email, a phone call back or the extra support that only a mentor can offer.

“To my heroes in business and in life – thank you for teaching me that if you never stop learning and believe in yourself, great things are possible. You have made more of a difference than you could ever imagine. I owe you a lifetime of gratitude.

  • As for myself, I have many people to thank who have made my dream of moving, living and working in Washington D.C. a reality. This includes:
  • My employer and my boss – who I continue to admire and learn from everyday.
  • My graduate professor Fritz Cropp who allowed me flexibility in my graduate research scope, the tools and knowledge to bring it together, and believed in the vision I set before myself. Plus, he reminded to live a little every now and then.
  • My friend Lacey, for without you, I know I would not have survived the practical joys (and challenges) that come along with moving from Kansas to Washington D.C.
  • All the amazing, social media, social marketing and non-profit minds that exist within the blogosphere, Twitter…it is you all who propel the conversation and demand more of us practitioners everyday, and I love every minute.
  • To the new friends I’ve made, you rock. You are solid, supportive, and good people.
  • To my beloved fiance, I love you. Each and every day. Who would imagine we’d go from running hurdles on the track together to fast forward, living our dream in Washington, D.C.
  • And finally, my parents. Words cannot express. At the very least, thank you for teaching me to 1) always believe in your dreams and 2) always believe in working hard to achieve them. And that along the way, you can never be too gracious.

With that, I hope this Carnival session encourages you to share the love. Extend a hand. And tell someone the difference they’ve made in your life.

Thank You. And an early Thanks.giving to you and yours.