As a part of my blog, I am launching a “Blogger Neighborhood Series.”This continuous weekly series highlights different blogs and their respective bloggers in the blogosphere neighborhood. Following the great Mr. Rogers, who tells us to ‘Get to know your neighbor,’ this series introduces us to our blogger neighbors, making for a more unified, collaborative voice for the social sector. Each week a different blog/blogger will be featured. We begin with our friends over at Osocio, with its founder Marc.

Blog Name: Osocio
Blog Topics: Social Advertising and non-profit campaigns from around the globe.
About the Author: Osocio is made by nine professionals, all working in the advertising and marketing industry. The people behind Osocio are not important, it’s all about the work that is shown
If you could live on any street, what would that street be named? Howtogetoutofherelane =)
Who would be your dream real-life neighbor? I would live between Lance Armstrong for a daily cycle ride and Nick Cave for daily inspiration and for borrowing his suit now and then. :-)
Why do you blog? It all started as a personal collection, from founder Marc, that highlights the social advertising arena. The blog form was just a coincidence. It could be any form and depends on how you define a blog and a website. Osocio is a showcase which encourages comments and interaction.
What inspires you to blog? My own curiosity. And my way to fight against indifference.
If you customized your own license plate, what would it say and why?
I hate driving.
What’s currently your favorite social media application our blogger community should utilize more? Twitter. You can follow Osocio at @osocio.
What’s your favorite blog post and why?
As a libra it’s hard to choose, so I take three:
I was totally surprised by the perfect use of the media in this one. It was one of the first ever posted on Houtlust, the preamble of Osocio, and is written in Dutch. The artwork shows a dessident from Belarus. The mouth covered with tape explains all.
I’m used to all kind of shock-advertising, but this one from Brazil is one of the few which makes me really cry, especially the last mentioned video.

A real eye opener. It’s about an autistic women, and we can learn from her that there are many ways to communicate.


As a huge fan of social advertising myself, here is one of my favorites in terms of how its powerful message combines with the video’s images. Titled: Stop the Bullet.

Come back every Thursday to see whose been nominated as the next Blogger Neighbor you need to know 😉
As a fan of social advertising, here is one of my favorites in how the message and video combine to share a powerful message. Titled: Stop the Bullet.