With the growth of Web 2.0 (and the up and coming uses of Web 3.0), I plan to showcase an organization/cause that’s using great Web 2.0 strategies to further its mission within its social marketing strategies.

Today’s Web 2.0 Wednesday honors The National MS Society’s site centered around its latest re-branding for raising awareness and support for MS, their micro-site Join The Movement.
Changing MS Logo

On this site, they have ‘The Wall’ and the option to ‘Create Your Mark.’ Here, users of the site can literally draw their own statement against MS, including the cause’s new logo and rebranded mission. Then, it can be submitted to The Wall, with hundred’s of other users’ drawings. This not only reenforces the newly packaged mission, but allows for customization, interaction with the cause and shows how the disease affects others.

Props to the MS Society! PS: They also have another cool micro-site they use to share and submit various personal stories about the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, http://www.faceofms.org/.