What you say in your Twitter bio makes a difference. You get 160 characters to describe yourself, share an outlook on life or to define your work. If you’re curious what others say, you are not alone.

Through some fancy Google search queries, the folks at Twitter Truth were able to discover that the following words were mentioned in Twitter bios:

“Twitter” =14,300x 

SEO’ = 4,980x

Beer’ = 20,300x

‘Expert’ = 4,060x

‘Democrat’ = 311x

‘Republican’ = 872x

‘Liberal’ = 1,130x

‘Conservative’ = 2,280x

‘News’ = 49,100x

‘PR’ = 8,420x

‘New Media’ = 8,190x

Now, if you are a job seeker, over 1,000 people were identified as having the word “recruiter” in their bio. Now that might make ya go hmm…and in case you’re wondering who they are, I was hoping you’d ask: 1,000+ Recruiters on Twitter.

Expert Versus Beer

What I found interesting, was that over 4,000 tweeps use the word “expert” in their bio while over 20,000 tweeps use the word beer. So, the question I ask you is, would you rather hang with the expert or with the beer? 😉 That’s what I thought.

Some Twitter Bio Tips:

1. Be real.

2. Be you.

3. Tell us what you do, or

4. Tell us what you love.

5. Be funny, but not obnoxious.

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What others Twitter bio tips might you suggest?