This article from Advertising Age’s online homepage looks at the concept of ‘Good’ Marketing. In brief, Self Magazine conducted a research study about how consumers perceptions changed about a product that promoted itself through ‘Good’ Marketing. From the article, it seems that the study is offering the concept of ‘good marketing’ as an umbrella term for all social-related strategies such as corporate social reponsibility, cause marketing, public service advertising, etc. As an advertising gal myself, I understand the points of the article, yet I think it almost makes the world more confusing. Though I do admire its attempts in finding an umbrella term.

In my graduate classes, we discuss at length on the definition of advertising and whether or not the definition is outdated or too limiting. With the explosion of public relations in relative years, combined with viral, guerilla, social networking (the evolution of interactive media), one must admit that the tides are changing.

So my question to you: What is your reaction to the term ‘Good Marketing?’ Is there an umbrella term to describe not for profit or socially-related message strategies?