Was anyone else surprised to see this PSA advertisement in the middle of the $2.5 million dollar 30 second ad slots?

At work, rumor has it that the time was really donated for the PSA. How cool is this? Perhaps with other big events and future Superbowls we will start seeing this more and more. My question is though….how did they get this gem of an ad placement? Out of all the non-profits and PSA messages, how did Parents: The Anti-Drug sneak in there? Next year, let’s give them a ton of PSAs to choose from, maybe this will get them to do more of it!

Also, with all the Superbowl advertising water cooler talk, here’s another great tidbit and interactive resource provided by the New York Times: The Super Ad Bowl: Two Decades of Players.

It allows you to view a break down of which types of ads ran each year, what type of genre they used, who advertised, and an one-line synopsis of the advertisement.

Update: The First PSA in-game advertisement was supposedly a 15 second slot by CBS Cares, the NFL and United Way in 2007’s superbowl. Read more here.

Already, for 2008, we saw an increase. the 30-second Parents: The Anti-Drug ad, and Tom Brady’s United Way PSA advertisement as well. Keep the PSA times coming!