Have you always felt like you spent more time cultivating your online relationships than your real ones?

With applications like: Twittr, Facebook, LinkedIn, del.icio.us, Flickr, your work email, your personal email, your blog, Huddle, MySpace, Listservs, newsletters, Google Analytics, Digg, BlogLines, RSSFeeds, Sitemeter, Technorati, ETC.!

Managing and connecting with people online takes a lot of time, and at times, remains fragmented and disjointed. So, here is what I suggest: Merging the Two Worlds.


Social marketing circles have largely debated the creation of a social marketing association, whether or not we should be under the American Marketing Association and whether the Social Marketing Institute should be revived. But while I research that history, I’m seeing the UK and Canada formulate public sector marketing associations, centers, programs, and institutes. At least in Massachusetts, they have a Massachusetts Social Marketing Association.

So, I’m beginning a petition. If you would like to see or join a “Social Marketing Association,” please join me in signing this ipetition. Reversing the Field of Dreams philosophy, if the people come, it will be built. =)

For more information about this issue, refer to Nedra Weinreich’s posting about her shared frustration.

Again, join us by signing the ipetition here. Feel free to pass along the petition.