For those I haven’t responded to as of late, no worries. SocialButterfly is still still alive and fluttering about!

However, for now, I am vacationing and graduating from grad school and will be unable to post until Monday the 18th.

After a busy time this semester…

  • Living in Washington DC
  • Working Full-Time in Washington DC
  • Commuting 2 hours a day
  • Conducting my thesis research
  • Writing a Thesis
  • Job Searching and…
  • making the official decision to move permanently to the DC area…

I need a much-needed vacation. =) So, I am traveling to California for the first time and exploring the coastline in our rented convertible, taking in the fresh breeze…before I jump back into the full swing of the real world.

Thanks for staying posted and for all your inquiries. Upon my return, I hope to make SocialButterfly even better than ever…hope you stay posted to continue flying with all of us fellow social marketers!