With the holidays quickly behind us, many are looking forward to the next one: The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama on Jan. 20, 2009. Indeed, many companies [at least in the DC area] are giving an added holiday to their employees in recognition of the day!

Other organizations are offering ways for individuals to get more involved and to attend:

The CASE Foundation recently launched a “Change Begins With Me: initiative that coincides with a free trip for two to the inauguration. The campaign calls for people across the nation to visit the CASE Foundation’s Web site and make a personal pledge to “be the change” in 2009 by finishing the sentence “Change begins with me…” No idea is too small or big…whether it’s a personal commitment regarding one’s neighborhood, school, community or world. As an added bonus, this person will also participate in the Washington, DC Martin Luther King Day of Service. To get the creative juices flowing, the CASE Foundation has some other great initiatives that allow one to take action and also lists ways to “be the change” on their blog. Entries will be accepted until 3pm Jan. 12.

The Presidential Inauguration Committee is also offering your potential “ticket to history” to ten lucky winners between now and January 8. To be considered, you just have to answer the question, “What does this inauguration mean to you?” If selected, you and a guest could be flown to Washington D.C., put up in a hotel, and be part of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Road Trip to Change. On a budget? No worries. Organizers, led by Horace Mackey, are gathering people in over 20 cities together in groups and car-pooling to the big day! If interested, you can still sign up, join the fun and make new friends along the way.


What have I missed? Are there other contests/opps out there not listed?

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