Visual Communication

How can we harness the power of visual storytelling in healthcare social media?

65% of the American population are visual learners. You may want to read that a second time. And should we be surprised? Photos and videos (visual, multimedia content) serve as social currencies online as evidenced by the infographic explosion combined with social network sites bringing this content to bear: Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest to name a few. Even Twitter recently updated to offer more visual tweets.

Healthcare Social Media ReviewOn Wednesday, Nov. 20, SocialButterfly will again host the Health Care Social Media Review, the peer reviewed blog carnival focused on health care social media, curating the latest research and resources shared by our fellow colleagues. You’re invited to add your voice to the dialogue.

The theme for issue #41 is visual storytelling:

  • Discuss recent visual communication research (or needed research) in this area
  • Highlight helpful tips and tricks for integrating visual media into your content strategy
  • Identify inspirational models of people, organizations and campaigns who you think are effectively storytelling through visual media
  • Share storytelling techniques and strategies that may be applicable to health care social media

How to Submit:

Email a link to your post or posts (no more than two submissions per author) by 12pm (ET) on November 19.

Format your submission email as follows:

  • Email Subject Line: Health Care SocialMedia Review
  • Blog Title
  • Blog URL
  • Post Headline
  • Permanent link to post
  • Your Name: Name, Username, Nickname, or Pseudonym
  • Description or brief excerpt

Learn more about the HCSM Review by visiting HealthWorks Collective or follow @healthworkscollectiv on Twitter. We look forward to your posts!

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