Acronyms run beyond the entertaining Cingular cellphone commercial, ‘my bff, Jill.’

They run rampant in every sector, no matter where you work. For example…

“I got an MPH after my B.A. from my NCAA accredited school. Now working towards my Ph.D., joined the AMA, volunteering with BBBS and the PHS. This weekend I attended the annual AMA dinner. I work at UNICEF, but hope to switch to UNESCO.”

Does this not sound glaring close to… omg, like nbd, text-speak? I deem both these: acronymsia. This made up condition shows symptoms of broken up language, when short, choppy phrases carry long meanings. Side effects include weariness, fatigue, total work obsession or when you’re trapped in a glass case of emotion (thank you Ron Burgandy…).

I find this especially true when working in the non-profit and social marketing arena. Since social marketing and non-profit marketing often involve collaboration among NGOs, government clients and partners, education institutions and more. NGO itself is even an acronym!

So for fun. Try this brain teaser activity. At work on Monday when you find yourself embarking towards a case of acronymsia…

  1. Chuckle to yourself.
  2. Make the word acronym into an a.c.r.a.n.y.m. that may apply to your job.
  3. Share it with the rest of us to share the fun.

Here are some examples:
(Warning-This activity is harder than it seems and may cause prolonged amusement.)

a.c.r.o.n.y.m.s. – A crisis rampant among new young marketing students
a.c.r.o.n.y.m.s. – All chapters revolve around new young mind-bending spells (Author)