A butterfly goes through change. Using social marketing and digital technologies, we too can create a metamorphosis in our own homes, our communities and our world. We can be socialbutterflies.

Where should we fly and how?

Our world faces many problems. Prioritizing these problems, let alone identifying them, can be a challenge. Enter social marketing. Social marketing is a growing movement that provides an evidence-based approach to achieving social change. How? By influencing and changing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. With the emergence of digital technologies and the expansion of democratic communications, how we do social marketing and social change is going through its own metamorphosis. Enter SocialButterly. Here, we focus on achieving social change through:

  • Social Innovation
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Technology

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Will the Real Social Marketing Please Stand Up?

As many would have you believe, social marketing does not equate to social media marketing. The term “social marketing” was first coined in 1969 by researchers Gerald Zaltman and Philip Kotler who defined social marketing as a way to achieve social objectives by applying marketing principles (product, place, promotion and price). Social marketing is not merely communication or education, but is about creating and influencing behavior and attitude changes as a means to increasing individual and community well-being.

The method is rooted in public health communications but applies across the realms of civil rights, environmental, social and international issues. Today, because applications and uses of social marketing are growing, it has an evolving definition. These posts can refer you to additional commentary on this issue:

Who is a social marketer?

My answer: Anyone can be. When a person is cultivated with the belief that they can achieve anything, that anything is possible…it is infectious. Traditionally, social marketers are found in the public sector–in government, with non-profits and at foundations. This is because social marketing isn’t profit driven–but driven by achieving social good.

If you want to work at the intersection of passion and purpose, then you are a socialbutterfly. Whether you have yet to find your wings or are already helping others fly, this blog is for you.

This site serves to:

  • Inspire the use of social marketing as an approach to social change by discussing current trends, research and work in action.
  • Showcase how social marketing and social technologies can come together to create sustainable social change.
  • Provide a resource for social marketing networks and practitioners to learn, grow and fly.
  • Discuss how we make our world better.

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